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HotDog Veterinary Warming Blanket - Large

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A powerful and safe warming blanket to prevent or treat hypothermia

HotDog Veterinary Warming Blanket - Large

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Warming Blanket - Large - 558mm x 787mm

(HotDog® Controller Sold Seperatley)

Anaesthetic induced hypothermia is a well-known issue, occurring in 60% to 90% of patients.

The HotDog® warming blanket is a breakthrough technology designed to reduce these risks and treat hypothermia.

The patented ThermAssure fabric is a conductive polymer which responds to low-voltage current, warming throughout without hot spots.

Safety Features:

A sensor within the blanket ensures the blanket stays at the perfect temperature at all times, a second sensor works as a safety back-up.

The controller has 2 over – temperature alarms for safety. If the blanket exceeds maximum temperature setting, it will set off an alarm with a constant beep and light. If the temperature continues to rise, it will automatically shut off ensuring no patient can overheat.  If the alarm sounds, the blanket can be reset to safe temperatures by turning the controller off and on.

Key Features:

  • Warms up in minutes
  • Sensor ensures perfect temperature continuously
  • Flexible enough to use under, over or around patient.
  • Heavy duty nylon outer shell is easy to clean and resists damage/punctures
  • Reusable – Economical and saves money
  • Adjustable straps to ensure maximum contact included