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The powerful Examion AQS Vet software is provided as standard with all of our digital X-ray products. With this unique platform product, one can control, process and PACS archive all of your digital X-ray processes and is fully scaleable.

With superior connectivity to a widest range of different CR digitizers or DR detectors, the innovative graphical user interface easily and quickly guides the user through the complete imaging process and allows integrated X-ray generator control setting.

The Examion AQS sofware works with the most advanced, latest generation image processing algorithms (MTFA / de-noising, etc.) and is focused around its user friendly interface with touch screen.

Integrated medical measurement functions provide comprehensive tools, with professional medical precision and provides all relevant veterinary measurement functions with built in step by step guide for measurements for Hip Dysplasia, TTA, TPLO, VHS, Laminitis and more.

All of our Digital CR packages are provided with Examion Vita processors which are all supported by our experienced radiography team.

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