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Grooming Scissors

Picking your scissors

While comfort and ease of use are very important, the key component of your scissors are the blades. The materials used in the manufacture of the scissors and the anticipated amount of use should be considered before purchase.

Blade Materials

There are a range of materials for scissor blades developed for either the occasional user or the professional dog groomer using their scissors regularly. The principal choices are:

Carbon steel scissors will provide good quality at competitive prices. Retains a good sharp edge, but will require some routine care. Carbon steel scissors will rust if stored in damp or humid conditions, so we recommend a wipe with fine oil after use and at the end of each working day to protect your scissors.

Stainless steel scissors are by far the most popular and forgiving of scissors in regular professional use. Good quality stainless steel scissors will provide the answer to the majority of grooming requirements.

High cobalt stainless steel scissors are the premium quality of scissors available. They have extremely hard steel blades to retain a fine cutting edge, and most are hand-honed for an exceptionally smooth action. Will reduce strain on the hand in use, particularly important for large, scissored breeds.

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